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Lan Green

Assembled with 14k gold filled hoops and Murano flower glass beads.
Due to the handmade nature, there may be imperfections or irregularities such as variety in color, shape and size.

Hoop size: 15mm
Pendant size: 15-18mm

All the works are done handmade in limited edition from Project bon's studio in Barcelona.

Allergy reaction:

Project bon offer anti-allergy jewelry by using nickel free brass and silver findings. However every skin is different, therefore if your skin is very sensitive, please consider carefully before purchasing.

How to Care:

Project bon's work is mainly crafted with gold plated brass metal.

These metals allow for a natural tarnish to develop when exposed to air, oil and dirt. With common wear, plating usually wears off.

To maintain your plating for longer, avoid water, don't clean with chemicals, only wipe with a cotton cloth and avoid spraying perfume on jewelry.

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